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Product highlights

Cloud based and secure, with a focus on data privacy

Powered by one of the largest compliance engines in the world

Web-based and mobile applications for total flexibility

Streamline workflows and enable interoperability

Connecting over 200,000 growers and service providers

Built for operations of any size, and for all crops

Key Features

  • Help growers reach their goals from planting to harvest

    Maximize profitability and efficiency by creating detailed and specific crop plans for customers with yield goals and budgets.

    A woman inspecting grapes in a vineyard
  • Protect profits with field level information at your fingertips

    Document field observations to be viewed in real-time for simple and accurate report creation and seamless sharing with growers.

    A man standing in a wheat field looking at a tablet
  • Make the most of each acre by curating targeted crop nutrition prescriptions

    Assess soil health, receive sampling results, and create zone-based crop nutrition prescriptions in a single, unified system.

    A man's hands holding soil in a field
  • Streamline recordkeeping and mitigate risk with robust compliance checking

    Document and store records of field level operations and share them with key partners, with the confidence and security of the industry’s most robust label database.

    Two men with a tablet standing in front of a field with solar panels behind them
  • Bring your data from the field to your fingertips and reflect on your results

    Access the data you need through wireless data transfer, and watch it come to life through map layers and analysis.

    A woman is sitting in front of a tractor, looking at a tablet


  • Make more accurate and informed agronomic recommendations

    Drive safe, profitable and quick decision making with insights from tools like digital scouting, soil sampling and satellite imagery.

  • Spend more time in the field with growers and less time at your desk

    Digitizing your business allows you to invest more into customer relationships while saving hours documenting field operations manually.

  • Improve practices year over year, for better yields and profit

    Discover trends and improve results through the analysis of years of yield data, soil sample results and application history.

  • Build a foundation of trust and transparency with growers

    Promote strong business relationships by allowing the grower to be involved at each step of the way.

  • Ensure compliance with local, state and organizational standards

    Rest assured that a recommendation written in TELUS Agronomy has been checked against the manufacturer-indemnified product label.

  • Scale and retain business with increased operational efficiency

    Streamline your everyday workflows, increasing customer satisfaction and making room for new business.

  • Remove data silos and connect with partners that matter to you

    TELUS Agronomy enables collaboration between partners through the supply chain and collects the data you need in a single ecosystem.

Search over 14,000 manufacturer approved product labels.

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