People with disabilities Application Form

Step 1: Please complete the form below and ensure that the details entered match those on your eligibility documentation. We will review and respond to applications within one week. If your application is approved, we’ll email you a verification code and instructions on signing up for internet service.
Step 2: Upload your eligibility documentation. To protect your privacy, please black out the first 5 digits of your SIN number if it appears on your documentation, leaving only the last 4 digits visible.
Valid documentation includes one of the following: BC Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction Confirmation of Assistance statement OR Release of Personal Information, Alberta AISH Monthly Assistance Statement, Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefit (CPPD)

This application is only for Internet for Good program eligibility approval and does not confirm that your service address is eligible for Internet service. Final eligibility for internet services at your service address will be determined by a TELUS representative when you place your order.

Step 3: Please finish your application by clicking the Submit button.
Please note that the following fields must match with the document you upload.

By continuing to use this form, you consent to allowing the collection and use of the information entered above. Please click the Next button to accept and continue your application.

Collected and retained information will be used for determining eligibility for the Internet for Good offer. Retained records will be purged within a maximum of 7 years from the date of entry and in some cases immediately. Please don’t share any sensitive information in the form outside the requested information. Sensitive information includes personal and confidential information. The definition of personal information can be found at our TELUS Privacy Commitment