Pay Per View (PPV)

Upcoming Pay Per View events

Looking for the latest Pay Per View events? Press GUIDE on your remote and tune to channel 909 to see the upcoming Pay Per View events.

Order Optik TV for the best in Pay Per View

Don’t miss out on the action. Optik TV brings all the best PPV fights and events right to your living room – or to the screen of your choice.

How to order a PPV event

  1. Press GUIDE on your remote

  2. Tune to channel 997

  3. Scroll right, to the time of the PPV event

  4. Press OK to see event details

  5. Press OK on Rent for $

  6. Press OK on Record

Why choose TELUS PPV

Optik TV is home to the widest selection of PPV events in Western Canada. Whether you’re into professional boxing or MMA, you’ll find all the best fights right here.

Get UFC on the big screen

All live PPV UFC fights are available in glorious high definition. 

You call the shots

Pay only for the boxing matches or UFC events that you choose to watch.

Save the fight for later

Record the biggest UFC events on your PVR and enjoy them later – again and again.