TELUS Home Assistant on the Alexa: Known issues

Recommendations for known issues with the TELUS Home Assistant

Problèmes supplémentaires connus pour l’application Amazon Alexa

Below is a list of known issues with TELUS Home Assistant that we are working on resolving. If your issue is not covered below, please visit the Neighbourhood community to share your feedback for future improvements.

Known issueRecommendation
Sometimes commands appear to be slow in responseWe are continuing to work hard with Amazon to improve the speed of the commands. If you are experiencing extended slow response time, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Check your internet connection as the speed relies on the stability of your Wi-Fi network. Please reboot your modem and router if the internet connection is slow or unstable
2. Reboot your speaker if you have an Alexa device or quit and restart if you are using the Alexa app
(*To reboot the Alexa device, remove the power cable for a few seconds and then plug back in.)
3. Ensure your device is set up away from obstructions or other devices that would impede the microphone from receiving a command, and that the mute button for the mic is not switched on
Issues with commands while in the Stingray Music, Youtube and Netflix apps on 4K boxesTELUS Home Assistant does not currently support searching using voice in the Stingray Music, Netflix or YouTube app on 4K boxes. However, you can use the search command to find content on Live TV and On Demand.
Unable to tune to a Live TV channel while on On Demand contentPlease repeat the command. Our teams are working hard to resolve this defect upon a future release.
Direct play on TVWe are working with Amazon to improve and bring the best features to you. Unfortunately, at this time you will not be able to play the movie or content directly on the TV through voice. However, you can search for the content with voice, but for the final step you will have to use the remote to press the play button.
Search with movie or Series name on AlexaWith Alexa, you will have to say "series" after the series’ name and "movie" after the movie's name.

For example, if you are searching for “Westworld,” you will say “search for Westworld series" and if you are searching for the movie “Jumanji,” you will say "search for Jumanji movie"
I can’t find THA on the Alexa
TELUS Home Assistant (THA) is released in the Canadian Skill store of Amazon Alexa. If you didn’t find THA by searching, it's most likely because you account is setup for US.

Please go to the Account settings, go to Country and launch the section, and change the country to Canada and choose the language EN_CA (English Canada). Please go to as well and make sure that country and language is changed to Canada and EN_CA. Once done, wait for five or so minutes and try searching for it on Alexa app.
I can’t tune the channels by nameJust say "Alexa, tune to CBC on living room TV."

Do not say, "Alexa open Telus and then tune to CBC." Open Telus Skill is to manage your accounts, such as billing, data, troubleshooting, etc.
Alexa does not discover any of my SmartHome Security devicesIf you purchased your TELUS SmartHome Security before Sept 11, 2020, please refer to our Migrate your SmartHome Security credentials to My TELUS page to update your SmartHome Security credentials before setting up TELUS Home Assistant on Alexa.
I only have an username and not a My TELUS usernameAt this time, TELUS Home Assistant is only available for customers setup with My TELUS accounts linked to their Smart Home Security products.

If you have an username, you can use the skill available on the Alexa Skill store.
I can’t lock my SmartHome Security doorPlease note that unlocking the door is not supported at this time.