TELUS PureFibre™

Connect your home.

We'll connect to your home to the TELUS PureFibre network in one of three ways.

Installing TELUS PureFibre to your home

There are two main methods of installing fibre: hanging it aerially, or burying it underground. Sometimes, it requires a combination of the two. It depends upon the area, the property and ground as to which method is used. But even when we have to bury the equipment, the work will not affect your property in any great way. It is our goal to restore all property to the same condition prior to construction per municipal guidelines. Generally, we conduct our work within two (2) metres of the property line in accordance with approved city permits. This area is referred to as the utility right-of-way.

3 ways to get connected

Aerial Access

We extend the fibre from your nearest utility pole to a small feeder box we install on the side of your home or business. From there, it goes into a media panel inside your home.

Buried Access

If an underground pathway already exists, we'll use it. Otherwise, we'll dig a pathway, and then fully restore the land to its original condition once the work is complete.

Combined Access

This method is a combination of Aerial and Buried access. You'll have the fibre connecting partly overhead and partly underground.

Let's get your home connected.

In most cases connecting your house to the network involves simply connecting via your existing utility pole. Occasionally, an underground connection is required, in which case we will contact you and discuss any impacts to your property.

Get TELUS PureFibre

The #1 internet technology for speed and reliability

  • Equally fast downloads and uploads

  • A direct connection to your home

  • 100% fibre optic network

No matter what kind of home you are in, TELUS PureFibre will give you the reliability you need.

More about TELUS PureFibre.

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