How to control your smart home using voice control and Amazon Alexa

Guides · 15 juin 2021

A smart home is all about getting big benefits and convenience from your smart devices. With TELUS SmartHome Security, you are already able to control your lights and appliances to managing your home’s temperature from your phone.  

What’s exciting is you can now control those same gadgets hands-free, just by using your voice. You can use an existing voice assistant or even add a new one to transform your home into a smarter one.

Ask Alexa to help you manage your smart home security

Connecting a voice service to your TELUS SmartHome Security system with products like Amazon Alexa and Apple’s Siri puts the control into your own voice. So turning on your lights or changing the temperature throughout your home is as easy as using voice commands like, “Alexa, turn on the lamp” or “Hey Siri, I’m home from work.”

How do voice assistants work?

If you don’t currently have a voice assistant or service, here’s what you’re missing. They leap into action whenever they hear you say a specific keyword, like ‘Alexa’. The device listens to what you say via the microphone and then interprets what you said to answer your question or command.
At TELUS we’re focused on making it easy to connect your voice assistant with your SmartHome Security devices to control your alarm, thermostat, lights and more.

What can you do in your smart home with voice commands?

Voice commands can do a lot of things in your smart home beyond just playing your music, getting the weather or setting your wake up alarms. With the TELUS Home Assistant skill enabled on your Amazon account (Alexa Skills page, or Alexa app) you can control a variety of other devices with your voice.
Turn your lights on and off
With smart light bulbs and smart plugs, you can have full control of your lighting using your voice.
Arm and disarm your alarm system
Hands full, already in bed? Use your voice to easily arm or disarm your alarm.
Lock or unlock your locks or garage doors 
We’ve all been there, the door is just too far to get up and lock. With voice activated SmartHome Security you can call out to lock the door from bed or your couch. 
Adjust your temperature 
Too hot, too cold? With a simple voice command you can change your thermostat settings without interrupting what you’re doing. 
Change the channel on your TV
If available, you can also control your Optik TV with your voice. That means changing the channel or turning up the volume on your favourite shows.

How do you connect your voice service to SmartHome Security?

For Amazon Alexa
If you already have an Amazon Alexa enabled device like an Echo, connecting to your SmartHome Security system is easy. Just search for the TELUS Home Assistant in the Alexa Skills store, or in the app. Once you enable the skill, you will be directed to the My TELUS login page and then you will pair your Amazon supported device to the TELUS Home Assistant skill to use the capabilities of SmartHome Security.
TELUS Home Assistant skill on Amazon Alexa gives you hands-free voice control of your SmartHome Security so you can manage your smart home with your voice. Need some help? You can get our
step by step guide to pairing your voice assistant
with your home security system. 
For Siri 
To connect your SmartHome to your Siri, it’s as simple as logging into the TELUS SmartHome app. Once in the app, select your Menu icon (the three lines at the top left hand corner of the app) and then choose settings.
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TELUS SmartHome Security
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