Developing your resilience during and beyond the pandemic

COVID-19 · 19 oct. 2021

We’re now more than 18 months into the pandemic. For most of us, it’s been highly challenging – mentally, physically and emotionally. More than ever, we need to develop our resilience to adapt and thrive during difficult times. Consider these tips to get back to feeling your best.

Be yourself

Too often, we tend to compare ourselves to others, which can leave us feeling insecure, sad or anxious – especially when we spend too much time on social media. Take time to step back, assess your values and start living a life that reflects the person you want to be in this world.

Get outside

Tending to our physical health is essential to our well-being. A strong body contributes to a strong mind, but this doesn’t mean that we all should be training for a marathon. Just 20 minutes of outdoor time each day helps to mentally ground us.  A simple walk one or twice a day can get you moving and offer a welcome reprieve from the daily grind.

Start a conversation

Zoom has lost its novelty, but social connection is still vital to our well-being. Try engaging in the lost art of the phone call. Get out and talk to neighbours or chat with your local barista or store clerk. Bring people into your bubble through safe activities such as a walk, hike, tennis, lunch or skiing.

Focus on the present

When we practice mindfulness by focusing on the present, we feel more in control and less anxious and stressed. Mindfulness is often associated with meditation and breathing, but it can also be achieved through other activities. We can be in the moment when playing a board game with family. We can also be mindful when taking the time to cook a good meal or reading a book. Even music, podcasts or audiobooks can bring us 15 minutes to several hours of focused and enjoyable time.

We’re here to help

If you need a helping hand or someone to talk to, consider seeing a TELUS Health MyCare™ counsellor*. Have one-on-one video consultations with an experienced counsellor about anxiety, depression, grief, stress, substance abuse, eating disorder – just to name a few.
Learn more about our counselling services

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*Counselling appointments require additional payment of $120 inclusive of applicable taxes. Users under employer-sponsored solutions will not pay a fee for the service. Any payments for appointments must be paid using a valid credit card. An in-app receipt will be provided for you to claim for reimbursement if applicable.

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