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Home Phone App for Android

Information about the TELUS Home Phone App for Android

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What is TELUS Home Phone App

Home Phone App is a free app from TELUS that lets you take your home phone number with you, wherever you go, and use those services on your Android smartphone over wi-fi or data (additional data charges may apply for mobile service outside Wi-Fi coverage).

Download Home Phone App today and enjoy:

  • Never missing calls: make and receive home phone calls from your mobile device, even when someone is already talking on your home phone line
  • Saving money: Talk with friends and family using your long distance home phone rate plan
  • Always knowing who is calling: Use your smartphone contact list in the app and see who’s calling with caller ID at home and on the go

Set up Home Phone App on your Android device

  1. Have your My TELUS email and password ready.
  2. Have your Google Account email and password ready.
    Important: You must sign into your Google account in order to download the app.
  3. Download the app from the Google Play store by clicking on the TELUS Home Phone App icon and then Install.
  4. After the app has installed successfully, open it by selecting the Home Phone App icon. You will then get a welcome screen. Select Next after you’ve read the screen.
  5. You will then reach the Permissions screen. Select Next after you’ve read the screen.
  6. There will then be a series of 5 permissions required. Select Allow after you’ve read each screen. Note: Home Phone App needs all 5 permissions in order to work.
  7. After you allow all the permissions, you will then need to sign in to your My TELUS profile and select Continue.
  8. After you log-in, you will then be presented with the End User Agreement. Once you’ve reviewed it and determined you accept the agreement, select Accept to proceed.
  9. Next, you will be presented with the 911 info page. Review it and then select Next.
  10. You will then reach the 911 emergency contact page. Complete this form and select Next.
  11. You can now select your ringtone. This page allows you to choose a different ringtone for your home phone calls (you can update your Home Phone App ringtone at any time, but we do recommend that you choose a different ringtone for your home phone calls). Select Next when you have finished selecting your new Home Phone App ringtone.
  12. Next is the battery optimization page. Select Yes to allow the app to run in the background. This will allow you to receive calls at all times.
    Note: Battery life is not significantly affected by this app.
  13. Home Phone App installation is now complete. Select Next.
  14. You are now on the call history screen. To make your first call, press the keypad icon in the lower right corner of the call history screen and begin dialling.

Additional information

Question Answer
What is Home Phone App? Home Phone App is a free app from TELUS that lets you take your home phone number with you, wherever you go, and utilize your home phone services via your iPhone or Android smartphone over Wi-Fi or your mobile data plan.
Where is it available? The app is currently available in select communities in British Columbia and Alberta. The app may be extended to additional communities at a further date.
What are the conditions to be able to download the app? You must be a TELUS home phone subscriber on the TELUS PureFibre network in one of our pilot communities.
When will the app be available on tablets? We will assess the possibility of a tablet version following the initial smartphone app launch.
Why do I get a battery optimization message when I install the Home Phone App app? The Home Phone App app needs to run in the background to receive incoming calls. When you initially install the app, you will be asked to accept this requirement. You must select accept, since not allowing the app to run in the background means that you will not be able to receive incoming calls unless you have your app actively open.
Why won't the app ring on my smartphone on an incoming call to my home phone number? First, check if your wired home phone line also rings when you have an incoming call. If it does, your app may not be detecting incoming calls because it is not running in the background. This could be due to a number of reasons:
  1. You may not have accepted the Battery Optimization condition when you first installed the app. (Please see Why do I get a battery optimization message when I install the Home Phone App? for more details.)
    • To fix this issue, please uninstall and reinstall your app, making sure that you accept the Battery Optimization condition.
  2. You may have a battery saver program running on your smartphone that shuts apps down when they run in the background. Or a program may have suggested that you shut down apps running in the background to save battery, and you clicked OK.
  3. If none of the above apply to you, please call TELUS repair.
Why is the app stuck in loading status and won't register? The app may not be connecting to the Home Phone App network properly. Please ensure that you have a working internet connection. Open your smartphone browser and go to a site such as and see if you successfully navigate to the correct page. If internet access works, try restarting the Home Phone App app. If this problem persists, please call TELUS repair.
How can I contact an Agent? 1-844-372-8559

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