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Learn how to set up hayu on Optik TV

What’s included in your hayu subscription

hayu is home to the best reality TV with over 275 shows and more than 7,000 episodes to choose from, all ad-free. These include hit series like Keeping Up With the Kardashians, The Real Housewives franchise, Vanderpump Rules and Below Deck along with shows you can only see on hayu, like Love Island, Made in Chelsea, The Simple Life, Watch What Happens Live, Love & Hip Hop and many more.

Signing up for hayu in an Optik TV package

For new Optik TV customers, you can sign up for Optik TV and add hayu to your TV combo or as a standalone theme pack.

For existing Optik TV customers, simply sign-in to your My TELUS account. Make sure you are in the Optik TV tab which can be found at the top of the page, then select Change Optik TV Package and follow the directions to customize a new package that includes hayu. You can create a My TELUS account if you do not have one.

Alternatively, you can contact us for support by phone, email, in-store or chat.

Set up hayu through My TELUS

Once you've signed up hayu in your Optik TV package, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to set up an account. Follow the instructions and log in to the My TELUS page.

After logging in, select Set up your hayu and complete the steps to create an account. Refer to create an hayu account for more details.

Once your hayu account is created, turn on your Optik TV and launch hayu on channel 336 or by pressing the apps/interactive button on your remote and select hayu.

Create an hayu account

Note: If you have an hayu account outside of TELUS, please skip this section and proceed to sign up options for customers who already have an active hayu account outside of TELUS.

When setting up hayu through My TELUS, you will be directed to the hayu website to create an account. Please follow the steps below:

  1. When you arrive on the activation page on hayu, select Get it now

  2. Enter your personal email and a desired password to create a hayu account, then select Next. You can also sign up using your Facebook or Twitter accounts

  3. Scroll down to the very bottom on the next page, and select Activate my subscription

  4. Select Ok underneath the confirmation email. You are all set to start enjoying hayu

Sign up options for customers who already have an active hayu account outside of TELUS

If you have an hayu account outside of TELUS, you can choose one of the following options to include hayu as part of your Optik TV subscription:

Option 1 (recommended): If you prefer to keep your existing hayu profile settings
Sign into hayu through the hayu website, navigate to My account and select Cancel subscription button. Select I watch hayu on another platform to finish cancellation. You will receive an email from hayu once your cancellation has been confirmed.

After account cancellation, you can continue to access hayu content until the end of your bill cycle. To find out the end date of your bill cycle, go to My account > Subscription.

Once your bill cycle has ended, sign in to My TELUS and select Set up your hayu under the Optik TV tab. Follow the instructions and you will be taken to the hayu webpage below. Select Get it now to proceed to the next step.

Select Sign in at the top right corner and use the email address previously registered with hayu to sign in. You will then get a welcome to hayu email to confirm you have successfully set up your hayu account through TELUS.

Option 2: If you prefer to activate hayu through TELUS Optik right away, and have an email address that is different than the one you used previously to sign up hayu.

Set up hayu through My TELUS and create a hayu account. When creating the hayu account, make sure to use an email address that is not tied to an existing hayu account.

Remember to cancel your existing hayu account to avoid continuously getting billed by hayu. To do so, sign-in hayu through the mobile app or hayu website, navigate to My Account, hit the Cancel Subscription button and select I watch hayu on another platform to finish cancellation. You will receive an email from hayu once your cancellation has been confirmed.

Frequently asked questions

1. Launching hayu on Optik TV
To launch hayu:
a. Press the apps/interactive button on your remote control and select hayu
b. Tune to channel 336 and press Ok

2. Pairing hayu with Optik TV

When launching hayu on Optik TV for the first time, you will be asked to pair your hayu account with the Optik TV Digital box. Here is how:

  1. Launch hayu app on Optik TV (see how to launch hayu on Optik TV for details) where you will find a 6 digit alphanumeric code for pairing
  2. Sign in at hayu.com using a web browser on your computer or through the hayu app you’ve downloaded on your mobile phone or tablet
  3. Navigate to Settings under My Account
  4. Select Pair TV App and enter the code acquired from step 1. Select Connect to complete pairing
  5. Your pairing status will remain for 45 days before you are asked to pair again

3. Exiting hayu
To exit the hayu app without signing out:
Press the back or back/exit button and return to the channel you were previously watching.

To exit and sign out of hayu:
When in the hayu app and browsing through the hayu library, navigate to Account located on top of the page and select Sign out. Then press the back or back/exit button on your remote to return to the previous channel. You will be required to pair hayu and Optik TV when next time you launch the hayu app.

4. Data consumption when using hayu
When using hayu on Optik TV or your mobile devices, it will contribute to your data usage. High Definition (HD) content uses about 3GB per hour.

5. Age limit and parental PIN
To subscribe to hayu, you need to be 18+.

You can set up parental PIN by logging in hayu website using a browser or via the hayu app on mobile and tablet devices. Go to Settings under My Account, switch on PIN Management and enter a 4-digit PIN of your choice.

6. I was billed twice by both hayu and TELUS for my subscription. What do I do?
The cause of the double billing was due to signing up for hayu as part of your Optik TV package without cancelling your previous subscription with hayu.

7. Can I take hayu “à la carte” on top of an Optik TV package and be billed by TELUS?
Yes. You can either get hayu as part of your combo or "à la carte." Please refer to signing up for hayu in an Optik TV package for more details.

8. If I move, does this impact my hayu subscription?
No, as long as your Optik TV service continues at your new address.

9. If I downgrade or disconnect my Optik TV services, how will it impact my hayu subscription?
If you downgrade to Optik TV Essentials or Lite that do not include any theme pack or disconnect your Optik TV service, you’ll be notified by hayu via email that your subscription has been cancelled. To keep your hayu subscription outside of TELUS, you’ll be responsible for updating your payment method with hayu. TELUS will no longer manage your payment should you downgrade or cancel.

10. How do I remove hayu subscription from my Optik TV package?
You can remove your hayu subscription through My TELUS (select Add/Remove theme pack) or by contacting us. A confirmation email will be sent to you once the cancellation goes through successfully.

11. Which devices can I use to watch shows on hayu?
Once you've signed up you can watch hayu on your Optik TV Digital box, as well as on web at hayu.com and on mobile iOS App or Android App. Please note that iOS devices must be iOS10 at a minimum and Android must be 4.4 minimum.

See hayu support for more details on how to watch hayu across different devices.

12. How can I contact for customer support at hayu?
Visit the hayu support page.

13. Troubleshooting for hayu

  1. If you are having trouble opening and playing back hayu programming, exit and re-enter the app and retry your title
  2. If this fails to resolve the issue, try rebooting the digital box on which hayu is failing to start
  3. If the problem persists, please contact us

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