Current Projects

The TELUS independent pilot program is pleased to be supporting the following projects. Unless otherwise indicated, for festival programming and distribution inquiries, please contact production companies directly.

Plastic People

Award-winning science journalist Ziya Tong travels the world to investigate the infiltration of microplastics into the human body.

Director: Ben Addelman

Co-Director & Science Journalist: Ziya Tong

Producers: Vanessa Dylyn, Stephen Pannicia

Impact Producer: Good Measure Productions, Sholeh alemi Fabbri
Executive Producers: Peter Raymont, Rick Smith, Steve Ord

Production Company: White Pine Pictures

Status: Available for festival programming. Distribution, contact Rainmaker Content.

Leaving Beringia

Métis/Cree filmmaker Barbara Hagar asks, did Indigenous people arrive via the Bering Strait just 13,000 years ago? Ancient sites and Knowledge Keepers are telling another story.

Director: Barbara Hager
Producer: Barbara Hager
Production Company: Acimow Media Inc.
Status: In production

The Good Virus

The World Health Organization warns that antibiotics are losing efficacy. Scientists hope bacteriophage viruses will stem the rising tide of superbugs.

Director & Writer: Rosvita Dransfeld

Producer: Vanessa Dylyn

Impact Producer: Sarah Margolius

Executive Producer: Rosvita Dransfeld

Production Company: ID: Productions

Status: In production

Exclusion: A Centenary of Silence

Granddaughters of Chinese immigrants reveal the human toll of an immigration policy that destroyed their families, and honour the women who paved the way for Canadian Multicultural Policy.

Director: Keira Loughran

Producer: Craig Thompson

Production Company: Ballinran Entertainment
In production

Media Stamped

Award-winning writer and producer Nicole Stamp, helps kids 9-12 analyze media content to recognize and create factual, balanced and equitable narratives.

Director: J. J. Johnson
Producer: J. J. Johnson

Writer & Host: Nicole Stamp

Production Company: Sinking Ship Entertainment

Status: In pre-production