Powerful, fast and ultra responsive, the 4K PVR lets you watch and record in astonishing 4K quality.

  • Record up to 5 HD shows at once from any room in your home with just 1 PVR.

  • Store up to 100 hours in 4K or 400 hours in HD of your favourite shows and movies

  • Access a wide range of apps including Netflix, TED and Stingray Music

  • Ready for the future with HDR support

Wireless digital boxes

Wireless digital boxes extend the viewing experience to other TVs in your home without having to run messy cables. You get a free wireless digital box rental on a 2-year term.

4K Wireless Digital Box

Bring the next generation of Optik hardware to every room in your home

HD Wireless Digital Box

Wireless boxes provide flexibility to position your television anywhere

Sign up for Optik TV and Internet for 2 years and choose one of these digital boxes:

4K PVRHD PVR4K Wireless digital boxHD Wireless digital box
Monthly rental (on a 2 year service agreement)FREEFREEFREEFREE
Monthly rental (no service agreement)$20 per month$15 per month$10 per month$5 per month



plus, you can try Optik TV for 30 days, if you don’t like it you can cancel for a refund. 

  • One free PVR rental

  • One free wireless digital box rental to power a 2nd TV

  • Free installation on existing TV outlets/phone jacks. Installing new outlets/phone jacks will incur additional charges

  • Safe, secure installation with a maximum 2 hour window

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