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À la carte pricing

À la carte long distance calling

À la carte long distance pricing applies to TELUS clients who are not subscribed to a long distance plan. The cost for calls to Canada and the United States at any time is $0.75/minute, except for calls to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Overseas calls

The cost per minute for overseas calls varies according to the country you are calling.

Overseas calls (FR only)

Collect calls

The cost of collect calls varies according to the method used to make the call, with or without operator assistance.

Collect call pricing

411 service

The cost for à la carte usage of the 411 service is $1.50/call.

Please note that if you contact 411 to find a phone number and the employee is unable to provide it (e.g. unlisted number, cell phone number, insufficient information), you will still be billed for the search of the number.

Pay-per-use features

You have à la carte use of the following calling features:

3-Way Calling (*71)

Add a third party to your call. $1.50 per use (monthly maximum: $10.50).

Call Return (*66 and *69)

Be notified when the line you’re calling becomes free (*66). Find out the caller of a missed call (*69). $1.50 per use (monthly maximum: $10.50).

Call Trace (*57)

Call Trace allows you to save the information from the last incoming call (for unwanted, nuisance, obscene or threatening calls). This data can then be forwarded to the law enforcement authorities if the client wishes to make a formal complaint (it will not be sent to the client). $5.00 per use (monthly maximum of $10.00).