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Home Phone

Calling features

Choose a bundle including Home Phone 1501 or Unlimited Home Phone2 and get up to 7 features of your choice3.

Call Display

  • Easily find out who’s calling.
  • See the name and telephone number of the caller.

Call Waiting

  • Answer another call when you’re already on the phone.
  • Easily switch from one call to the other.
  • Distinguish between local and long distance calls with distinctive rings.

Smart Ring

  • Add another phone number to your phone line.
  • Customize the phone number added to your line with its own distinctive ring.
  • This feature is an effective way to distinguish between your personal and business calls.

3-Way Calling

  • Talk on the phone with two other people in separate locations by dialing *71.

Call Return

  • If the line you are calling is busy, dial *66 and Call Return will notify you with a distinctive ring if the line becomes free within the next 30 minutes.
  • Trace a missed call by using *69

Premium Voicemail

  • Manage your voicemail from a phone by dialing *98 or accessing your voicemail via the web.
  • Create up to 4 different greetings.
  • Set a greeting schedule (according to time/day/week/special dates).
  • Use your remote access code to listen to your messages from any private or public phone in Canada outside your residence without paying long distance fees.
  • Forward a copy of a message to someone else. Transfer your calls to voicemail by dialing 0 when required.
  • Send voice messages to TELUS voicemail subscribers and even non-subscribers.
Usage or sending fees may apply to some of the mentioned features. These fees are subject to change and clients will be notified of any changes.

Automatic Call Forwarding

  • Dial 72# to forward your calls to wherever you’ll be, even your cell phone.
  • Dial 73# to stop automatic call forwarding.