Warning! The following content is available only to Quebec residents.

Home Phone

Calling features

Choose a bundle including Home Phone 150 or Unlimited Home Phone and get Call Display and three other features of your choice.

Call Display

  1. Easily find out who’s calling.

  2. See the name and telephone number of the caller.

Call Waiting

  1. Answer another call when you’re already on the phone.

  2. Easily switch from one call to the other.

  3. Distinguish between local and long distance calls with distinctive rings.

Smart Ring

  1. Add up to three phone numbers to your phone line.

  2. Customize each phone number added to your line with its own distinctive ring.

  3. This feature is an effective way to distinguish between your personal and business calls.

3-Way Calling

  1. Talk on the phone with two other people in separate locations by dialing *71.

  1. The 3-Way Calling feature is available with a monthly subscription or for $1.50 per use (monthly maximum: $10.50).

Call Return

  1. If the line you are calling is busy, dial *66 and Call Return will notify you with a distinctive ring if the line becomes free within the next 30 minutes.

  2. Trace a missed call

  1. The *66 and *69 commands of the Call Return feature are available with a monthly subscription or for $1.50 per use (monthly maximum: $10.50).

Premium Voicemail

  1. Manage your voicemail from a phone by dialing *98 or accessing your voicemail via the web.

  2. Create up to 4 different greetings.

  3. Set a greeting schedule (according to time/day/week/special dates).

  4. Use your remote access code to listen to your messages from any private or public phone in Canada outside your residence without paying long distance fees.

  5. Receive external voicemail notifications (by email, pager or phone).

  6. Forward a copy of a message to someone else. Transfer your calls to voicemail by dialing 0 when required.

  7. Send voice messages to TELUS voicemail subscribers and even non-subscribers.

  1. Usage or sending fees may apply to some of the mentioned features. These fees are subject to change and clients will be notified of any changes.

Call Screen

  1. Protect your privacy and screen up to 12 numbers by dialing *60.

  2. Redirect your screened numbers to a recorded message.