Voice Search feature explained

Using the TELUS Voice Search tool on your remote

Use Voice Search in Pik TV

The Voice Search feature is supported by most Bluetooth remotes. However, we recommend using the TELUS Pik TV remote.

You can now search TV shows, movies and actors as well as perform simple commands from within the Pik TV app:

  1. Press the mic button on your Pik TV remote until you see Listening
  2. From the Pik TV app, try searches like "Go to channel 100" or "Play the Big Bang Theory"

Note: The first time you use Voice Search, you will be prompted to Allow Pik TV to record audio when you press the mic button. This is required to capture your voice commands.

To change your microphone permissions:

  1. Select the Google Home button on your remote to open the Android TV Home Screen
  2. Scroll down until you reach Settings. Press OK
  3. Under Device, select Apps
  4. Scroll to Running apps
  5. Scroll through the apps list to find Pik TV (they're in alphabetical order) and press OK
  6. Select Permissions and press OK
  7. Select Microphone and press OK to change your permissions

Supported Voice Commands

At this time there are a limited number of voice commands that are currently supported:

Command type example
Search by exact title Kung Fu Panda 3
Search by general title Kung Fu Panda
Search by actor Tom Cruise
Change channels by number Go to channel 101
Change channels by name Go to CTV

Note: We are continuing to improve our voice commands and will update this list when new features are launched.

Android TV Home Screen

You can also use voice search from the Android TV Home Screen to search Google content without having to be in the Pik TV app

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