Updating your Pik TV media box

How to keep your Pik TV media box up to date

There are two type of updates for your Pik TV media box

  • System Software Update - this updates the software that runs your Pik TV media box
  • Pik TV App Update - this updates the Pik TV App where you watch Live TV and On Demand

How to update the the Pik Media Box System Software

The Pik Media Box system software should update automatically. However, to check for updates please follow the steps below (the update may take up to 10 minutes to complete):

  1. Press the home button on your remote to bring you to the Android TV Home Screen, Scroll down and select Settings
  2. Select About (top row, at the end)
  3. Select “System Update”
  4. Select “Check for System Update”
  5. System update will proceed if required

How to update the Pik Media Box App

Once you have followed steps 1 and 2 below, the app should automatically update over a 24 hour period. If it has not updated, follow step 3.

  1. If you haven’t done so yet, setup your Google account on your media box.
  2. Launch the Google Playstore on your media box at least once and accept the terms and conditions.
  3. Enter Android TV Homescreen by pressing the "house" button on your remote.
  4. Open Google Playstore.
  5. Navigate to My Apps.
  6. Update Pik TV or Update all.

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