Troubleshooting your Motion/Image Sensor

Troubleshooting information for problems with your SmartHome Motion/Image Sensor

Can’t see images from the Motion/Image Sensor

Reset the Motion/Image Sensor by holding the reset button down until the LED turns solid red (approximately 15 seconds). Then re-pair the Motion/Image Sensor using the instructions here.

Monthly image maximums

You can see how many images you are able to upload per month, as well as how many images you have remaining for the month on the top of the Upload Images and Peek-In tab. In the top right hand corner on these pages you will see an upload meter indicating how many uploads are included in your service plan.

The most basic plan allows for 40 sets of images per month (1 set = 2 pictures). You can increase this number by upgrading your plan.

About Peek-In

The Peek-In feature allows you to request on-demand images from your system regardless of whether the system is armed, in an alarm, etc. You can request:

  • Peek-In Now to capture an image right away, regardless of motion activity, or
  • Peek-In Next Motion to capture images next time the sensor detects motion

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