Troubleshoot Per-Call Blocking

Tips for solving per-call blocking problems

Phone not recognizing * (star) commands

If Per-Call Blocking isn't working, the most likely reason is that your phone is set to pulse instead of tone. If touch tone is not activated, the system will not recognize * (star) commands. To fix this:

  1. On your phone, look for a switch that allows you to set your phone to pulse or tone. The switch is typically located on the side of the phone, or sometimes on the bottom
  2. Switch to tone
  3. Try using Per-Call Blocking on another telephone in the home

Some Per-Call Blocking limitations

When the following calls are placed, your name and number may be displayed or given out for billing purposes:

  • Collect call
  • 800, 900 or 310 call (310 calls are treated like an 800 call)
  • Cellular phone call

Your name and number may also be given out if you:

  • Leave a message on TELUS voicemail
  • Call a person served by a local service provider that does not adhere to privacy regulations
  • Make a long distance call through an alternate long distance provider that does not adhere to privacy regulations

Display of your name and number is more likely to occur if the call is to a number outside of Alberta or B.C.


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