Troubleshoot: Pik TV remote

Troubleshoot your remote if it will not pair with your television

If your attempts to pair your remote during the first-time setup to your TV fail try another code to pair your Pik TV remote to your TV.

  1. Press the Google Home button on your remote to access the Android TV Home Screen
  2. From the Android TV Home Screen, scroll down until you reach Settings
  3. Select Settings
  4. Under Remote & Accessories, select Pair Remote with TV
  5. Select the brand of your TV
  6. Select the pairing code and test it by pressing the volume keys
  7. If unsuccessful, try a different code

Pik TV remote cannot control your media box or pair to your TV

  • Ensure that your remote has power. You can verify your remote has power by pressing any button on the remote. You should see a green light flash at the top left corner of your remote.
    Note:If you do not see a green light, ensure that batteries are properly inserted or try new batteries.
  • If these steps don't resolve your remote issues, you may have a defective remote, please chat with one of our agents for further assistance.

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