Troubleshoot data on a Prepaid mobile device

Common reasons why you can't open apps or browse the web

If you can't open apps or browse the web on your Prepaid mobile device, you may be having problems with your data connection.

Verify you have a sufficient balance to start a data session

Be sure you have an active data plan or add-on or an available balance to start a data session. Log in to your account to check your account balance.

If you do not have a plan or add-on and on pay-per-use, the system reserves a small amount of data for seamless data use.

A data session starts when you open an app, browse the web, stream video or other content, or receive application updates and notifications on your Prepaid device. Ensure you close apps and exit the browser on your device to end your data session as apps continue to use data if they are left active in the background.

Note: If you do not have a data plan or your data allotment has been depleted you are billed per MB for data usage.

  • Data plan or add-on allotment depleted = $0.15/MB
  • No data plan or add-on = $2/MB

While you are billed per MB, we reserve 1.3MB worth of your available data to allow for seamless data use. We continue to reserve 1.3 MB while a data session is active.

Your transaction history will show each balance reduction as follows

  • Data plan or add-on allotment depleted = $0.20 (1.3MB @ $0.15/MB)
  • No data plan or add-on = $2.59 (1.3MB @ $2/MB)
    • If your balance is less than the reservation amount, whatever is available will be reserved and your data session will end when that amount is depleted
    • We recommend adding a data rate plan or add-on to enjoy reduced rates for your data usage
  • The amount reserved is deducted from your available balance and cannot be used for other services while it is reserved
  • Any unused portion of the reserved amount is released back to your balance when the data session ends and can then be used for other services

General data troubleshooting

If you still need help visit Troubleshoot data problems for more information.

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