What is TELUS EverSafe?

Stay protected with 2-factor authentication, secure sign-in options and multiple layers of security.

Protect your privacy with TELUS EverSafe

Boost your account security by enabling 2-factor authentication. With 2-factor authentication enabled, only you can log in to your account.

TELUS EverSafe features

Your trust matters to us. TELUS EverSafe features are designed as an added layer of confidence that your information is protected everywhere you see the EverSafe symbol.

As a TELUS customer, you get exclusive access to EverSafe™: a set of security features designed to help safeguard your privacy and personal information.

As part of EverSafe, we offer:

  • 2-factor authentication to decrease the risk of unauthorized access for a more secure login, online shopping and phone number transfer experience
  • Distinctive identification and sign-in options like fingerprint and face recognition
  • Notifications to increase your security and alert you of any login attempts
  • 24-hour monitoring systems dedicated to protecting your privacy

Get started with 2-factor authentication. Here’s how it works:

  • Your unique code will be sent to your My TELUS app
  • Once you enter your code and log in, you can choose to trust that device so you won't be prompted on it again
  • You should only choose to trust your personal device and not a shared one