Special service numbers for mobile phones

Canada-wide special and emergency numbers in the TELUS network

Canada-wide special numbers

The following is a list of special and emergency numbers in the TELUS network. By Canadian convention, a * prefix denotes an airtime-free or toll-free number.

  • 611 or *611 (TELUS Mobility Client Care): FREE
  • #123 (TELUS Pay & Talk Automated Assistant): FREE
  • *22803 (TELUS Over the Air Provisioning): FREE
  • *8378 (TELUS Test Call): FREE
  • #TAXI (#8294): $2.50 per call + airtime
  • 911 (Emergency Services): Free
  • 411 Directory Assistance routing to the local telephone service centre: Standard airtime charges, plus $2.50 per call (call completion is not available). Directory Assistance will send the 411 listing to your phone via text message at no additional charge. Roaming airtime charges apply in US (not covered by roaming passes)
  • 511 Travel Information: Free in Canada. Roaming airtime charges apply in US (not covered by roaming passes)
  • 711 Telephone Devices for the Deaf Service, routing to the Wireless Relay Service: Standard airtime charges; no long distance
  • 0+ Operator or credit card dialing: Airtime only
  • *CAA (*222) Canadian Automobile Association: Free
  • *16 Canadian Coast Guard: Free
  • *666 CANUTEC (report toxic spills): Free (not available in all provinces)
  • *282 Canadian Tire Auto Club: Free
  • *DAA (*322) Dominion Auto Association: Free

Ontario special numbers


  • *98 FM98 Traffic Call: Free
  • *680 AM680 Traffic Call: Free


  • *687 Toronto Police: Free


  • *677 Ontario Provincial Police: Free

British Columbia special numbers

  • *TV4BC (*88422) Television for British Columbia (BC only): Free

Quebec special numbers

  • *4141 Sûreté du Québec: Free

These numbers are airtime-free, but may not be toll-free.

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