Set up TELUS email on your Android smartphone or tablet

Access your TELUS email account on your Android device

Instructions for TELUS email setup on your Android device

  1. Download the Gmail app from the Play Store app on your device (if not installed already)

  2. Open the Gmail app on your Android device

Gmail app icon
  1. Select the menu in the top left corner

Search in mail
  1. Scroll to the bottom of your screen, select

Gmail settings
  1. Select
    Add account to start setup

  2. Select

Choose Google in email set-up
  1. Sign in with your TELUS email (primary) & password when prompted

Enter your telus email address
Enter telus email password
  1. Agree to
    Terms & conditions

Accept email terms

Congratulations. You are now able to access your TELUS email powered by Google.

: Email clients and app setup are not supported by our team. Please contact your email client or app provider for further troubleshooting.

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