Manage your security, antivirus, and spam

5 ways to protect your Internet experience

To provide our customers with a secure, reliable, and customer-friendly Internet experience, we attempt to prevent spam, security threats, and suspicious behaviour on our network.

What you need to know

Spam and other suspicious behaviours violate our terms and conditions, and we have an obligation to enforce these for the benefit of all our customers.

If your computer or network device is unprotected, you could be more vulnerable to activities such as unauthorized use of your Internet account, spam, identity theft, fraud, computer viruses, and other illegal activities.

5 steps to protect yourself

To protect yourself and your Internet experience, and the Internet experience of others, we recommend you follow the steps below.

1. Secure your wireless Internet connection

If you are using Wi-Fi to access the Internet, please ensure your modem is password-protected to prevent unauthorized use of your account.

If your modem was supplied by TELUS, we can help to secure your wireless connection. Please contact our help desk at 310 TECH (8324).

2. Scan and clean your computer

Ensure the anti-virus program on your computer is up to date.

3. Ensure your applications are up to date

Viruses can gain access to your home network through vulnerabilities in out-of-date applications. We recommend that you install the latest versions of common applications to reduce your exposure to viruses.

4. Ensure Critical Windows Updates are turned on

Ensure that Critical Updates on your PC are turned on so that your applications remain up-to-date to reduce future security exposures.

5. Ensure Your Windows firewall is active

Firewalls help block incoming data to your network which can help prevent viruses and unauthorized users from gaining access to your computer. We recommend that you turn on your Windows firewall.

Further support

Should you require any assistance with virus detection and removal, firewall setup, or general computer troubleshooting, we recommend you check out our partnered Tech Support Plus offerings.

For more information on how to keep you and your family safe online visit TELUS WISE.

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