Pik TV viewing options

Learn about Pik TV's new streaming options

As of June 5, Pik TV customers will have the option of viewing movies and TV shows through a browser rather than a media box — though the media box will still be available. Our new viewing experience means the option to stream Pik TV will be more easily accessible.

Viewing capabilities & features

With media box Without media box
Watch on TV ✔ Directly via the Pik TV media box ⃝ Can be supported using an HDMI cable from a computer/browser (may not be an ideal experience)
Watch on tablet or mobile phone ✔ via the Pik TV mobile app ✔ via the Pik TV mobile app
Watch on computer or laptop browser ✔ via TELUS.com/watchpik ✔ via TELUS.com/watchpik
Smart TV functionality ✘ The Pik app is not supported on any Smart TV ✘ The Pik app is not supported on any Smart TV
Fully integrated Android TV apps
Voice activated search

Note: Select channels will be unavailable through the Pik TV mobile app, including but not limited to TMN & HBO.

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