CraveTV explained

How to watch CraveTV on your TV, computer or mobile device

You can use CraveTV anywhere in Canada on your mobile device or computer. However, as CraveTV content has been licensed exclusively for the Canadian market, you won’t be able watch any video when outside Canada.

To order CraveTV

There are two ways to order CraveTV:

  • On your TV, tune to channel 411 on your Optik TV digital box and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Online, log in to your My TELUS account

To watch CraveTV

  • On your TV, tune to channel 411 and select OK to start browsing shows
  • On a smartphone or tablet, you can:
    • Download the Optik TV app, go to the On Demand hub and select the Channels feed. Scroll down and select the CraveTV folder
    • Download the CraveTV app, select TELUS as your service provider, and log in using your Optik TV account details
  • On your computer, visit

Note: For the full library of content currently available, use on your computer, or watch on the CraveTV app.

Data usage while watching CraveTV

On your Optik TV set top box

Viewing Crave TV using your Optik TV set-top does not consume data.

On your TV or computer

Streaming video will use between 0.2 and 0.9 GB per hour of viewing. Whether or not this will result in additional charges depends on:

  • The limits of your cellular data plan
  • What type of device you are using
  • How your device is connected to the Internet

On a mobile device

If you are connected via Wi-Fi, using the CraveTV app on your mobile device will not count against your cellular data plan. If you stream content using data, however, then it will count towards your cellular data plan even if you are connected via Wi-Fi.

Next Episode

New! Starting December 6, On Demand will use its new feature, Next Episode, to prompt customers to play the next episode and showcase info from the next episode via a pop-up screen that appears 25 seconds before the show's conclusion. The service will be available on all TV shows, including those on CraveTV.

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