Optik TV Restart feature

Learn about the Optik TV Restart feature

Optik TV Restart feature

The Restart feature on Optik TV allows you to watch programs already in progress or previously aired from the very beginning, even if you forget to set up your PVR.

As of December 6, 2017: Optik TV subscribers will be able to use the Restart feature on select programs that aired up to 30 hours ago.

Note: You can pause and rewind just like live TV, but there are some channel provider restrictions on fast forward and skip ahead. Record is disabled for all restarted programs.

For a full list of channels that support the Restart feature visit Optik TV Restart channels list.

How do I use the Restart feature?

There are several ways to use the Restart feature:

  • Live TV guide
  • Program info
  • Search

Using the Live TV guide:

  1. Find a program with a Restart icon, highlight it and press OK
  2. Press OK while the channel peek is still visible
  3. The episode will start playing from the beginning
  4. To find previously-aired programs in the guide, use the left arrow button to scroll back in 30-minute intervals (up to 30 hours) or the rewind button to jump back 24 hours and press OK to select your desired program
  5. Select Watch to restart the previously-aired program

Tip: You can use the Jump to feature in the live TV guide to go back to yesterday: While in the guide, press the Options button, select Jump to day & time, select Yesterday and press OK.

Using Program info:

  1. Tune to the channel you’d like to restart
  2. Press the Info button on your remote
  3. Select Start over to restart in-progress programs or Watch to restart previously-aired programs

Using Search:

  1. Press the Search button on your remote
  2. Type in the program you’re searching for
  3. Select the program
  4. Scroll to the Restart Show tab
  5. Select from the options available
  6. Select Start over to restart in-progress programs or Watch to restart previously-aired programs

Can I restart a program that has already finished airing?

New! You can now use the Restart feature on select previously-aired programs. This new function allows you to:

  • Scroll back 30 hours in the live TV guide to see past-aired programs
  • Watch programs up to 30 hours back in time
  • Watch previously-aired programs before they go up on TV On Demand
  • Find Restart-enabled programs with the Search function

How do I get out of Restart mode and go back to live TV?

To get out of Restart mode, change the channel by using your Optik TV remote to press the up and down channel button. Then return back to your original channel. The channel should then operate in regular live TV mode.

Note: You enter Restart mode by selecting OK on the green Restart Show button after selecting a channel with the Restart icon in the guide.

Which channels and programs offer the Restart feature?

Visit Optik TV Restart channel list for a complete list of channels which support the Restart feature.

Can I pause and rewind a program after restarting?

Yes, in most cases. When you pause or rewind, you will see a message similar to the following:

You have until _____ to finish watching this program.

How long can I pause a show after restarting?

You can pause for 10 minutes. After that, live TV will resume.

Can I record a show after restarting?

Similar to On Demand content, you cannot record restarted shows. However, you can go back to live TV and record the program from that point on.

Can I fast forward a show after restarting?

Similar to live TV, you cannot fast forward or skip commercials on programming that has been restarted. Restrictions, if applicable, are applied by the channel provider. Fast forwarding is available only on select programming.

If I exit a restart program after restarting, can I resume later from where I left off?

Yes, it is possible to resume programs from where you left off under some conditions. In those cases, the Restart Show button is replaced by a Resume button.

Is there a cost to restart a show?

No, this feature is included with Optik TV at no extra cost.

What happens after I finish a Restart Show?

Depending on the content rights of the next program, you can continue watching in Restart mode or you will return to in-progress live TV.

Why do I see Restart messages when I rewind live TV?

If you rewind immediately after tuning in to a program where Restart is available, you will trigger Restart mode.

When tuning in to a new channel, wait 30 seconds before rewinding. Your request will proceed without triggering Restart mode.

Note: If you have paused live TV and want to rewind, you can only rewind back to where you started watching. Rewind any further and you will trigger Restart mode.

I missed pressing the Restart Show button – how else can I restart?

Approximately 5 seconds after tuning in to a channel, the channel peek and the Restart Show button disappears. You can get it back by pressing the down arrow on your remote. Once it appears, press OK to restart the program.

You can also press the Info button on your remote once you have tuned in to the channel. You will see an option to Start over. Select it to restart your program.

How do I disable the Restart feature?

There is currently no option to disable the Restart feature. You can still watch live TV as normal: Simply ignore the Restart Show button and it will disappear after a few seconds.

Tip: You can remove the channel peek (1) that displays the Restart Show button by pressing the Back/Exit button on your remote while this preview window is visible.

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