View On Demand recommendations for Optik TV

Learn about various recommendation features

To view program recommendations:

  1. Press the On Demand button on your TV remote
  2. Scroll through the folders and tabs on your On Demand home screen

Recommendation features include:

  • You might like: Find recommended titles based on the type of movies and shows you like to watch. Over time, Optik On Demand will learn what you like
  • A few like this: See three titles similar to the one you’re browsing in terms of plot, cast, theme and more
  • More like this: Discover even more movies or shows that are similar to your selection
  • Critic scores: Select a movie to see Rotten Tomatoes critic and audience scores right next to it

Tip: Check out On Demand's new Deals and coupons section to see if you have any coupons available. Learn your coupon value, expiry date, how to redeem the movie and much more.

Video: Discover entertainment faster

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