Netflix on the Optik 4K PVR

Access over 600 hours of Netflix 4K programming on your Optik 4K PVR

What you need to watch 4K programming on Netflix

Transform your Netflix viewing experience with the extraordinary intensity of 4K.

What you'll need:

  • An Optik 4K PVR
  • A 4K TV. Look for the “Netflix Recommended TV” logo
  • A Premium Netflix account: check or change your plan at
  • Netflix Playback Settings set to stream on “high” or “auto”
  • TELUS Optik Internet 50 or higher to provide the best quality video experience

Note: if data usage is a concern for you, consider adding an Unlimited Internet data plan, as each 4K stream uses 7GB of data per hour. For more information, visit our internet usage article.

Launching Netflix on the Optik 4K PVR

To launch Netflix:

  1. Select the apps/interactive button on your remote control
  2. Select Netflix


  1. Tune to channel 422
  2. Select OK

Note: If you encounter issues trying to launch your Netflix app, please reboot your PVR and try again.

Troubleshooting Netflix

  1. If you are having trouble opening and playing back Netflix programming, exit and re-enter the app and retry your title.
  2. If this fails to resolve the issue, try rebooting the Digital box on which Netflix is failing to start.
  3. If the problem persists please contact us.

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