Messaging charges explained

Information on costs that may be associated with messaging

Sending and receiving messages in Canada to other Canadian phone numbers

Most TELUS rate plans already include “Unlimited text & picture messaging”, which allow you to send unlimited text, picture and video messages while you are in Canada to other Canadian numbers, whether the recipients are in Canada or international.

For example, if you have a Toronto phone number but you are in Vancouver and your friend has a Quebec phone number but is in Paris, France it will not cost you to text your friend.

To find out if your plan includes unlimited text and picture messaging, visit your TELUS My Account.


  • If the number you are messaging does not have unlimited messaging, or is outside of Canada, it may be charged for sending and receiving messages.
  • Data used by picture & video messaging is not chargeable while you are in Canada.
  • If you do not have unlimited messaging, sending and receiving messages will be charged at Pay-per-use rates. Messages are charged per message, per image, and per video sent to each recipient and are free to receive.

For pricing information, visit the texting section on TELUS Add-ons.

Messaging to international destinations

You can send or receive international text messages from anywhere you can use regular messaging services.

If you are in Canada, and you want to send messages to international destinations, please visit Send and receive text messages internationally for detailed instructions.

You can buy International Messaging bundles to send text, picture and video messages to international destinations, or you can send messages on a Pay-per use basis.

If you are in Canada and have unlimited messaging, then receiving messages from Canadian or international numbers is always free. For Pay-per-use customers, standard local rates apply upon receiving messages.

For pricing information please visit the texting section on TELUS Add-ons.

Note: International picture and video messaging availability may be less than international text messaging. There are some countries and carriers which may not be reached when sending picture and video messages.

Sending and receiving messages when roaming

When you are outside of Canada and want to send and receive messages, please visit Send and receive text messages internationally for detailed instructions.

Note: When you are outside of Canada, messaging roaming charges apply upon sending or receiving messages. Picture & video messaging data usage is billed the same as other data usage.

For roaming message pricing info, please visit Travel and select the country you are travelling to.

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