Manage roaming charges

Learn about welcome and data usage notifications

Roaming charges can add up quicker than you realize. To help you manage roaming charges, TELUS will send you notifications to inform you of data usage on your account and any additional roaming data charges incurred.

Welcome notification

  • A welcome message is sent when you arrive in another country and turn your phone on. This message includes pay-per-use rates, how-to-dial instructions and information on your travel option (if you have Easy Roam or have purchased a roaming pass)
  • This message is sent as a text message to the user of the device that is roaming in another country.
  • To ensure the account owner is aware of any potential roaming charges when any device on the account is roaming in another country, the welcome message is also sent as an email to the account owner.
    • If you have My TELUS, then the welcome email notification will be sent to the email address that is used to log in to My TELUS.
    • If your mobility account has multiple My TELUS users with their own profile and login credentials, then the welcome email notification will be sent to the email address of the My TELUS profile with Owner access. For more information, visit Manage My TELUS users
    • If you wish to change the email address that the welcome email is sent to, then you may change the email address in My TELUS. For more information, see Change your email address in My TELUS.
    • If you do not have an email address associated with your mobility account, you can easily register for My TELUS.
  • A welcome home notification when you return to Canada is also sent as a text message to the device user that was roaming.
  • If you would like to opt out of the welcome notifications, contact us by dialing *611 from your TELUS mobile phone.
    Note: Opting out means that you will no longer receive a notification when you enter another country containing information on pay-per-use rates and how to dial.

Data usage notifications

  • Whether using your monthly rate plan data with Easy Roam or data in a roaming pass, you will be notified as you pass various thresholds of usage (e.g. 90% and 100%).
  • When traveling with Easy Roam, you will use your monthly rate plan or top-up data as if you are in Canada. This means you will continue to receive the same data usage notifications about your monthly rate plan or data top-up.
  • You will also be notified about any additional roaming data charges incurred on the account if data in a roaming pass is exceeded or if using pay-per-use roaming data. Notifications are sent at certain thresholds (e.g., $20, $50, $100).
  • The $100 notification on additional roaming data charges also includes a block on pay-per-use roaming data to prevent further charges. An authorized user on the account can respond to the notification to unblock roaming data if they wish.

For more information on data usage notifications, see Data usage notifications for mobile devices.

Roaming with a tablet or Internet key

If you are using a mobile Internet key or an Android tablet, you will receive text notifications in your connection manager. iPads will not receive text messages. To unblock data on these devices, contact us by dialing *611 from your TELUS mobile phone.

Data manager

Data manager lets you configure your data notification setting and blocks so that you can control how much data is used in your account and prevent unplanned usage charges. Depending upon your type of account, you may see different account management options when you log in.

To access Data Manager, log in to your TELUS account and go to the Usage section. Register if you don't have one.

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