Make a 3-way call

Step-by-step instructions for three-way calls plus pricing info

Add a third party to your call:

  1. Ask your first caller to hold
  2. Press your receiver, link or flash button for one second
  3. Listen for three short beeps, followed by a dial tone
  4. Dial the number of the third person
  5. When he or she answers, press your receiver, link or flash button to establish your three-way connection
  6. If the third person's line is busy or there is no answer, press your receiver, link or flash button twice to return to the person on hold
  7. If one of the people you have called hangs up you can continue to talk with the other caller. Everyone is disconnected when you hang up


  • The initiator of a 3-way call will be billed for all applicable long-distance charges
  • If 3-Way Calling is not part of your Home Phone package, it will cost $3 per use up to a maximum of $15 a month

If you need more help using 3-Way Calling, call the Calling Features Helpline at 1-800-663-8131 and follow the voice prompts.


Calling Features user guide

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