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Confirm that your mobile device is network compatible

Your TELUS phone is set up to work when you travel to the US, Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands. However, you need to ensure your phone is set up if you are travelling outside Canada and the US.

Maps & service

Visit for more information. You will also find which services (voice, text and data) are available in the country.

Coverage differs with 3G and 4G devices. To check which type of device you have, select your device from device catalogue, find your device and select details. The technology type (3G or 4G) will be displayed under Networks.

Check network compatibility

To ensure your device is compatible with available mobile networks in the country you'll be visiting, check both your device and available network frequencies:

First, check your mobile device from the device catalogue, find your device and select details. The compatible network frequencies (for example, 850/1900/2100) are displayed.

Note: Saving this information is recommended. You will need to compare it with available frequencies in the country you'll be visiting.

Next, check available network frequencies in the country you'll be visiting.

  1. Check our International Travel 4G coverage maps
  2. Select the country you'll be visiting
  3. Available networks and their frequencies are displayed.
    Note: 2G, 3G, and 4G represent network speeds, not frequency compatibility
  4. Compare these frequencies with the compatible network frequencies on your mobile device

If the network frequencies match those of your mobile device, your mobile device is compatible with the network.

Roaming with an LTE device

LTE data service is more widely available in Canada than almost anywhere else in the world. Check our International Travel coverage maps to determine if LTE data service is available for the destination you are traveling to. You can search your travel destination and scroll down to view the coverage map.

If you have a TELUS LTE device and it is compatible with the LTE network that is available in your travel destination, then you will default to the available LTE network. Outside USA and Mexico, TELUS LTE device compatibility with foreign LTE networks varies.

Roaming coverage on a 3G (CDMA) phone

As of January 31, 2015, TELUS no longer provides 3G (CDMA) roaming services outside of Canada and the United States.

3G (CDMA) coverage will only be available to customers roaming in the United States, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. 3G (CDMA) in the US Virgin Islands is only available in St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. John and Water Island.

TELUS continues to offer 4G coverage in over 200 countries around the world. Check our coverage maps for more details on the coverage available in the destination you are traveling to.

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