How do Scenes work?

Execute multiple actions across multiple devices with the help of Scenes

What are Scenes?

Scenes are buttons available in the TELUS SmartHome app and web portal that allow you to execute multiple actions across multiple devices at once. For example, if the Sleep Scene is triggered, you can Arm-Stay by security system, turn off all of your Smart Light Bulbs and Plugs and lock your Smart Door Lock.

When you set up your SmartHome Security system, by default there are four scenes setup for you. Default scenes cannot be deleted.

Default scenes

  • Home

  • Away

  • Sleep

  • Wake Up

You can set up additional scenes tailored to your home by following the instructions

Which devices can I control with my Scenes?

Below are the devices you can control and set up with your Scenes:

  • Security systems (i.e. Arming/ Disarming system)

  • Smart Door Locks

  • Smart Garage Door Openers

  • Smart Thermostats

  • Smart Light Bulbs

  • Smart Plug - Dimmer / Appliance

  • Water valves

  • Sonos speakers

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