Troubleshoot Call Forward on mobile devices

Determine why Call Forward isn’t working correctly on your mobile phone

First, note that Call Forwarding doesn't work with prepaid phones.

Check your account

Your account may not include Call Forwarding.

Check your bills for more information

  • Call Forwarding can't be combined with certain long distance calling features such as My Faves National, National In Network Calling, and Long Distance Bundles
  • If you're seeing unexpected charges on your bill, check whether you're forwarding calls to a number outside your Home Service Area. Log in to your account. Your bill displays the number that your calls have been forwarded to. Long distance charges apply

Make sure your destination number is in North America

You can't forward calls to an overseas number

Check to see if you're using Call Forward Variable

  • Call Forward Variable lets you set the length of time before calls are forwarded to 10, 20, or 30 seconds. Before the call is forwarded, your phone will ring. If it's ringing too long or not long enough, reset the length of time before forwarding
  • To activate Call Forward Variable, dial the following:
    1. *004*
    2. The area code plus number to which you want your calls forwarded
    3. The number of seconds you want the phone to ring (10, 20, or 30)
    4. Press the Send button
    5. Call Forward Variable is activated
  • To deactivate Call Forward Variable, dial #004#

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