Calling Features Assistant explained

How to create a password for Calling Features Assistant

The Calling Feature Assistant is used to manage the following home phone features:

  • Caller Reveal
  • Do Not Disturb

To set up your Calling Features Assistant:

  1. Dial into the calling features assistant (310‑8682) on a touch-tone phone. Your first call must be from the line on which the home phone features have been installed
  2. The first time you access this service, you will be prompted to create a password. Your password must be between 6 and 10 digits in length
  3. Enter your password, then press #. Make note of your password
  4. Press * to exit

Note: Once you have created your password, you will be able to dial the calling features assistant from any touch-tone phone in any location. If you are calling from outside Alberta dial 1‑403‑263‑6981 or 1‑780‑428‑6824. From outside B.C. dial 1‑604‑520‑3212. Long distance charges will apply.

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