Browse and rent On Demand movies via Optik TV

Learn how to browse, rent and view movies plus price lists

Browse movies On Demand

  1. Select the On Demand button on your remote
  2. Select On Demand
  3. You will see New this week and Most Viewed
    Note: You can also browse by category or genre. Select Movies and then select a category.
  4. Choose a movie from the list to purchase or preview

Tip: Check out On Demand's new Deals and coupons section to see if you have any coupons available. Learn your coupon value, expiry date, how to redeem the movie and much more.

Rent movies On Demand

  1. Select a movie by scrolling up or down in the list
  2. Select Order ($ icon)
  3. Select Order in HD (the price will also be displayed)
  4. The processing purchases screen displays Thank you for your order


  • After you complete the order your movie begins to play
  • To control the movie use the buttons on your remote
  • You may view the movie as many times as you like within the rental period
  • If the movie is stopped and restarted the movie will play from the beginning. You must use the fast forward controls (FFWD) on your remote to return to your last viewed point in the movie

View a movie that has already been rented or purchased

  1. Select the On Demand button on your remote
  2. Select My Videos
  3. Select the movie you want to watch
  4. Press OK

Note: Once a previously purchased movie is selected, the following options are available:

  • Resume
  • Start over
  • Preview
  • Remove from My wishlist
    Note: You may remove movies from My wishlist whether they have been purchased or not.
  • Remove from Recently watched

On Demand pricing

Movie of the week


$3 movies on Optik


$4 New Release


HD Library titles


HD New Releases titles


3D titles

$7.00 New Releases / $5.00 Library

In Theatre Now titles


Own on Optik titles

$15.00 and up

4K Library titles


4K New Releases titles


4K Own on Optik titles

$20.00 and up

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