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Tim uses security features to optimize his electricity efficiencies

Real Life Stories · May 6, 2021

"I managed to cut electricity usage by 25% through optimizing Smart Plugs and Smart Light Bulb usage at home. There are a lot of devices sipping electricity at our homes regardless whether they are in-use or not – Google Homes, TV’s, TV boxes, computers, and gaming consoles. Most of these “connected devices” do not add value when idling, but rather they add more cost to our bills.

Through scheduling, I force turn off all devices not being used during sleep and work hours and only automatically turn them on during the hours I may use them. I also leveraged motion sensor and smart light bulbs for some areas so that the lights are automatically turned on and off based on movement. This way I never have to second guess if I turned off the light or not.

All these are on top of the regular home security monitoring features. TELUS SmartHome Security is an all-in-one package that not only provides the basic need of safety, but also enables me to operate my home efficiently to minimize daily operational cost. "

- Tim from Vancouver, BC

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