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Paula moved to tears by support after TELUS Security scared intruder

Real Life Stories · Jun 1, 2020

In 2020, we had a glass break entry attempt at our home in Courtenay while we were away. We could see the burglar run away as our alarm sounded on our Digital phone with our new TELUS Smart Home Security system that we had recently had professionally installed. 

I got on the ferry at 10:45 from Tsawwassen to Nanaimo to return home. My husband and I arrived in Duke Point and were so tired as we had to sit up in the car for the entire trip due to Covid rules and the ferry ran late. To be safe and not drive off the road, we checked into a hotel in Nanaimo and were sleeping by 2:45 am. At 3 am, I was awakened to yet another alarm and this time the thief was inside. The alarm shortened his ability to rob us and he left in a hurry without loss or damage other than paw prints from the investigating police dog. 

We received a call from TELUS Smart Home Security, and they placed a security guard at my home until the morning giving me some much needed sleep that I was so grateful for. We were kindly contacted by TELUS the next morning, and TELUS arranged for a security guard to be posted in front of our home, so that we were able to have a good sleep the next night.

I really was moved to tears of joy with the feelings of warm care my family received. I enjoy the daily confidence, as I am able to view my property at any time I am away. Joy and a sense of security were kindly restored to my life. Priceless gift. A special thanks for the lovely flowers that were sent for me to enjoy. I could never say enough great things about my TELUS Home Security system.

– Paula from Courtenay, BC

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