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Canadians rely on SmartHome Security to prevent damage to their home

Real Life Stories · Dec 5, 2018

Not only is TELUS SmartHome Security great for keeping your home secure, many families across Canada rely on their system to alert them to events in their home that might cause costly damage. 

Read how these real TELUS customers were able to prevent damage in their home.

“You kept us safe by sending us an alert that our house was too cold, so we knew our furnace had broken down. We were away and were able to get a repair service in before our pipes froze! Thanks!”

- Maddie from Ottawa, ON

When supper boiled over, the smoke alarm went off. I got a call within seconds and I put the person on speaker while I dealt with the situation. It reassures me that the protocol for responding to an alarm is fast. - Larry from Regina, SK

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