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E-billing. No paper. No contact. No hassle.

Be environment-friendly and switch to online billing. It’s good for everyone!

How to access your online bill and unsubscribe from paper billing?

How to create your Espace client account and unsubscribe from paper billing?

Switching to e-billing?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.


Log in (or create your account) to your Espace client


Click on the Billing tab


Click the button to

Unsubscribe from paper billing

Simple and eco-friendly

No risk of forgetting

Get an email notification for every new bill.

No more piles of paper

Archive your bills on your computer.

Quick, easy access

You can view your bills on all your electronic devices.

Reduce your environmental impact

Save paper and save trees!

Visit Espace Client to learn all about the benefits available to you

Channel selection

Change the channels included in your package whenever you like. Start watching your new channels in 15 minutes.

Even more benefits for our customers


With ICI TOU.TV EXTRA included in your subscription, you’ve got a front-row seat for new releases, exclusive content, hit films, youth programs and the VÉRO.TV section – a value of $7.99/month.

TELUS Privilege

A reward program designed just for you. You don’t need to have a card or collect points to participate. Explore new experiences through our contests, pamper yourself with our gifts and enjoy our discounts.

 TELUS Privilege elevates your rewards experience.