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TELUS Québec bill

Why is my first bill higher?

When you receive your first bill after adding a new service, note that it may be higher than the subsequent bills. As your new service is payable a month in advance, your first bill will include your fees for the coming month as well as a prorated fee for the number of days between the date on which you subscribed and the date of your first bill.

You can be assured that your bill total will stabilize as of the second month, as you will only be billed for your next monthly fees and any pay-per-use services, like long distance calls.

The following example will help you better understand your bill.

  1. Billing number and account number
    This means your bill reference number and the account number for your TELUS residential services. It is important that you have this information on hand when you contact us.

  2. Current month and total current month
    The “Current month” amount is the amount you owe before taxes and the “Total current month” includes the federal and provincial taxes. These amounts are the totals listed in the “Current month summary” section.

  3. Quebec sales taxes
    The Quebec sales tax (QST) is divided into two components to reflect the products and services on your bill. These appear as QC RTI and QT Telecom on your bill. Together, these two taxes add up to the QST percentage.

  4. Payment deadline
    This is the deadline set for paying your bill. Late fees apply if the bill is paid after this date. If you are signed up for a form of pre-authorized payment, this is the date on which the amount owed will be debited from your account or credit card.

  5. Detachable section
    If you are paying by mail, this lower section is to be returned along with your payment. You also need this section to make your payment at any financial institution. If you wish to pay via Interac through your financial institution, identify your account with the 19-digit account number.

  6. Web/phone payment number
    Also called the “account number,” this number allows your financial institution to identify your TELUS account. Enter this number to add your account to the list of Payees (or Recipients/Service Providers/Suppliers, depending on the institution) and pay your bills on line.

  7. Current month summary
    This table lists the total for each section of the bill: “Various fees”; “Monthly charge”; “Service requests”; and “Pay-per-use services.”

  8. Monthly charge
    The monthly charge includes all fees for all your TELUS products and services that are billable on a monthly basis.

  9. Service requests
    This section lists all changes made to your services or any retroactive changes to your billing.

  10. Pay-per-use services
    This section includes all pay-per-use home phone, Internet and OPTIK TV services.

How can I get my previous bills?

If you are signed up for Espace client, you can view your bill for the current month and the 18 previous months at any time.

If you are not signed up for Espace client or wish to obtain a bill from over 18 months ago, just send us a written request by mail, fax or email. Make sure to clearly describe what you need and include your phone number so you can be reached if necessary. Please note that there is a $2 fee per bill and that these fees will be included on your next bill.

Mailing address:
TELUS travaux divers
281 boul. René-Lepage (R0811)
Rimouski (Québec)
G5L 7E4

Fax: 1-888-881-0074
Email: sac@telus.com

How do I set up e-billing?

To register for Espace client, go to telusquebec.com/espace-client. You will need a valid email address and the customer account number, which you can find on any of your bills. You can access your bill online. You can view or print your current bill or any other bill from the previous 18 months, or download them as PDF files. Once registered, you will be notified by email every month when your bill is available. It’s easy and practical!

How is my billing cycle determined?

The billing cycle is determined using the second-to-last digit in your phone number as shown in the examples in the following table.

Phone number/Billing cycle

  • 555-5515: 1st of the month
  • 555-5525: 22nd of the month
  • 555-5535: 13th of the month
  • 555-5545: 4th of the month
  • 555-5555: 25th of the month
  • 555-5565: 16th of the month
  • 555-5575: 7th of the month
  • 555-5585: 28th of the month
  • 555-5595: 19th of the month
  • 555-5505: 10th of the month

What do I need to do to get my tax exemption (for indigenous peoples)?

To be eligible for a tax exemption on a reserve, you must live on the reserve and provide us with your 10-digit band number.

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