TELUS Action with Google Home and Google Assistant

Information and troubleshooting TELUS Action with Google Home and Google Assistant

What is TELUS Action?

TELUS Action makes it simple and delightful for customers to check account balance, data usage, internet usage, travel products, current deals and add data or a roaming pass by using simple voice commands on Google Assistant on your phone/tablet or Google Home devices.

Action features

There are loads of handy things that you can do with TELUS Action. Here are some helpful features:

FeaturesThings you can doExample phrases
DataCheck your mobile data usage, check your internet data usage, upgrade to Home unlimited internet and purchase more mobile data (only available on Google Assistant, not home devices).- “What’s my mobile data usage for this month?”
- “How much data do I have left this month?”
- “Add a data top-up”
BillingCheck your total bill, find out when your bill is due, give you details on your bill or if you feel your bill is high you can ask “why is my bill so high?”- “What’s my December bill?”
- “When is my bill due?”
- “Why is my bill so high?”
Roaming PassesCheck to see if you already have Easy Roam on your account, add international and US Easy Roam to your account (only available on Google Assistant, not home devices).- “Tell me about Easy Roam”
- “Add Easy Roam”
- “Do I have Easy Roam on my account?”
Optik TVAsk any question you have about your Optik TV account or services, such as how to self-install Optik, program your remotes or troubleshoot your TV.- “How do I self-install Optik?”
- “How do I set up my classic remote?”
- “How do I troubleshoot my Optik TV?”
- “How do I access Optik TV on a computer?”
Internet ServiceAsk any question you have about your TELUS Internet Services, such as how to change your Wi-Fi name or password, check for service outages or how to complete an internet speed test.- “How do I change my Wi-Fi network name?”
- “How can I check for internet service outages?”
- “How do I do an internet speed test?”

Troubleshooting features

You are able to resolve your device and service issues by using the troubleshooting features with TELUS Action.

FeaturesThings you can doExample phrases
Internet TroubleshootingGet help solving your internet issues such as slow Wi-Fi, trouble browsing a website, Wi-Fi disconnections and no internet connection.- “Why is my Wi-Fi slow?”
- “Why am I not able to browse a website?”
- “Why does my Wi-Fi keep disconnecting?”
- “Why do I not have any internet?

Action setup

It’s easy to link TELUS Action on your TELUS account. Once set-up, the TELUS action will work across all Google Devices (and Google Assistant) associated with your Gmail account.

iOS UsersAndroid Users
1. Open your Google Assistant App (if you don’t already have this you can download it from the app store. Please note this is different than the Google Home app)
2. Click on the compass icon in the bottom left corner. This will take you to the Explore Section
3. Search for TELUS
4. Select Link. This will direct you to the TELUS Self-Serve login page
5. Once you have logged in, you will be redirected to a Terms of Service Acceptance page
6. After accepting you will be directed to a Google page telling you the account is now linked
7. Use the action across all Google Assistant and Google device platforms
1. Open your Google Home app or web portal
2. Go to the Explore section
3. Search for TELUS
4. Select Link. This will direct you to the TELUS Self-Serve login page
5. Once you have logged in, you will be redirected to a Terms of Service Acceptance Page
6. After accepting you will be directed to a Google page telling you the account is now linked

Configuring TELUS Action

It’s simple to configure TELUS Action on a Google Home or via Google Assistant, here’s how:

  1. Go to your Google Device and say, “Hey Google, Talk to TELUS” or in Google Assistant say “Talk to TELUS”
  2. The first time you use TELUS Action, you will be asked to create your “Voice PIN”
    Note: The Voice PIN is a 4 digit pin that is used to make any account change. For example, to add data to your account you will need this Voice PIN. For security reasons make sure to keep the Voice PIN safe from your friends and family.
  3. Once the Voice PIN has been configured, the TELUS Action is ready to use.

The difference between TELUS on Google Home & Google Assistant

Google HomeGoogle Assistant
FeaturesCheck your bill, check your data usage or check if you have a roaming pass.All Google Home features + ability to make purchases
Make purchasesNot available
Ability to purchase data and Roaming passes
- You will be required to put a credit card on Google Payments. This card will not be charged, all purchases will be added to your monthly bill
- To make a purchase you will be required to use your Google Payments password
Using the actionTo start, say:
“Hey Google, talk to TELUS”
“Ok Google, talk to TELUS”
To start, open the Google Assistant App and say:
“Talk to TELUS”

Using TELUS Action

How do I start TELUS Action?

To start TELUS Action on Google Home, just say: “Hey Google, Talk to TELUS.”

To start TELUS Action on Google Assistant, just say: “Talk to TELUS.”

How do I use the Action?

There are plenty of ways to use TELUS Action with Google, here are some common tasks you can try out:

  • For billing say: "What’s my bill" or say, "When is my bill due" or you feel your bill is high you can ask “why is my bill so high?”
  • For data say: " What's my data usage?" or say, " Add more data"
  • For travel say: "Tell me about about Easy Roam" or say, "I am traveling to Spain, what are my options?"
  • To find out current deals say: "What are the current deals“
  • For help: Say, "help" at any time, or if you have a specific question say: “Help with data usage” or “help with billing” and so on


How do I check if my Google device is working?

When you say, “Hey Google” to your Google device you should see the lights on the top appear to indicate it has heard you. If you don’t see the lights, check the power connection to make sure the device has a power supply and try again. Depending on the device you are using (Google Home vs. Google Mini), different colours and speeds of flashing lights mean different things. If you are having difficulties getting your device to work visit Google Home Help to troubleshoot your device and better understand what issue your device may be having.

How do I check if my Google device is connected to internet?

Google devices like your Google Home are programmed to give educated feedback. This means that if the device is not connected to Wi-Fi, it will tell you. You can also try asking Google a simple question like, “what is the weather?” It should tell you the weather in your location. If it doesn’t, then go to Google Home app and follow the steps to setup a Google device.

What is the difference between the Google Payments Password and my Voice PIN?

The TELUS Voice PIN is used to authenticate you as a user when you want to inquire about your account (ie. What is my bill or how much data have I used).

When you want to make a purchase over the Google Assistant, your Google Payments Password (or Touch ID) will be used to provide consent to the purchase. Please note that any purchases that are made in the TELUS Action will go directly to your TELUS Bill, not to your credit card on file with Google.

How can I change my PIN?

If you need to reset your voice PIN for any reason you can take these steps:

  • Start by saying, “Hey Google, Talk to TELUS”
  • Once you’re in TELUS say, “Change my PIN”
  • If you know your current Voice PIN you can now provide that and you will be prompted to create a new one
  • If you don’t know your current Voice PIN, request a reset PIN. You can do this by saying, “Reset my PIN”

How do I check if my TELUS account is linked to my Google device?

Say “Hey Google, Talk to TELUS”

Your account is not linked if you hear this message:“Welcome to TELUS. I can help you with current deals, contact TELUS and Help. To get the full experience, please link your TELUS account on Google Home App”
Your account is linked if you hear this message:"Welcome to TELUS. I can help you with billing, data, travel or current deals. What would you like to do?”

How can I check that a data package or roaming pass has been added to my account?

TELUS Action confirms the transaction on the Google device and sends you a confirmation message. If for whatever reason, you don’t get a confirmation message you can go to self-serve portal to check the status of your account. There you will be able to see if the data package or the roaming passes has been added to your account.

Is the TELUS Action available in French?

The TELUS Action is available in the French language. Please note, to use the Action in French both you mobile device and your Google Home/Assistant preference must be set to French.

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