SmartHome Security: Before you buy

Learn about important requirements and compatibility with the TELUS SmartHome Security service and products

Service eligibility

Services are offered where technology is available. Final eligibility for the services will be determined by a TELUS representative.

Compatibility with your existing security system

If you currently have a security system, TELUS will not use your current equipment.

Compatibility with other smart home devices

Already have smart home accessories and devices? Our system integrates with the most popular smart home compatible products, including:

Voice Assistants: Google Home and Amazon Alexa

  • You will be able to integrate your new security system with these existing personal assistants through the platform
  • Example: “Alexa, tell to turn on my living room light”

Nest Products

  • At present, only Nest thermostats are compatible with our system


  • Most Liftmaster garage systems will work with our system. Our technicians will be able to provide guidance at time of installation

Other Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus devices

  • We may be able to integrate most existing Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus devices with our system. Our technicians will be able to provide guidance at time of installation

**The following devices are not compatible: **

  • Philips Hue
  • Arlo Cameras
  • August Locks
  • Ring Doorbells
  • Nest Protect or Cameras

Municipal alarm permits

Most cities require an alarm permit. For details and to secure a permit, visit your city’s website.

Some municipalities require you to have a permit in place by the time of your installation. Please reach out to your local municipality to ensure you are set up for success during the install.

Home insurance and energy savings

Home insurance

Home insurance providers may offer up to 20% off their insurance premium if a security system is installed. Please contact your insurance provider to determine what kind of rebate may apply to your home insurance.


The installation of a smart thermostat will optimize your energy consumption, which will be even greater if you also have light and energy management systems in place.

If you want to change Security service providers

You want to know more about TELUS SmartHome Security plans, but you already have a contract with another supplier? Get in touch with us to know more about the options you have.

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