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What are the terms and conditions of the referral program?

You can view the terms and conditions here. By participating in the referral program, you agree to the program’s terms and conditions. Please review these terms and conditions before participating.

How do I make a referral?

  1. Log in to your residential Espace client at
  2. Send an invitation by email or by sharing your TELUS Key via another method of your choosing.

For referrals sent using the Espace client tool: When you send the referral, your friends or family members will receive an email inviting them to fill out a referral form.

For the TELUS Key: The friend or family member will receive a link to complete the form. Anyone receiving the referral can also go to and enter the key that they received from you.

Regardless of how you send the referral, TELUS will only contact individuals who have agreed to be contacted.

What does my friend or family member have to do to benefit from the referral program?

For referrals sent using the Espace client tool: Friends or family members have thirty (30) days from the time they receive the email to complete the referral form.

For the TELUS key method: There is no deadline for completing the form after receiving the key.

Note: The referral bonus will be the bonus currently offered at the time the completed form is submitted by the friend or family member.

TELUS customer service will contact your friends or family members to discuss the services available in their area, offer them a combo subscription and make an appointment for the service installation, which must be carried out within 90 days.

I’m unable to email the referral to my friend/family member. What should I do?

There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to send a referral to your friend or family member. First, please check that you have the correct email address. It is also possible that friends or family members have unsubscribed from TELUS emails or residential referral program emails, meaning that in compliance with Canada’s anti-spam legislation, they cannot receive referral emails.

My friend/family member received referrals from different people. Who will get the referral bonus?

The invitation they use to complete and submit the form will determine which recommending TELUS customer receives the bonus.

Someone authorized to use the account used my Espace client to make a referral. Who will receive the bonus?

The bonus will be sent to the account holder at the address recorded in our systems.

My friend/family member lost the referral email I sent. What should I do?

You can send a copy of your TELUS Key to your friend/family member by the method of your choosing.

Please note that TELUS cannot send a second referral email.

The referral program offer has changed since I sent a referral to my friend/family member. What offer will we receive?

The referral bonus will be the bonus currently offered at the time the completed form is submitted by the person who received the referral.

Is there a limit to how many referrals I can make?

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make. However, you must meet the referral program’s terms and conditions and only provide the information (including the email address and phone number) of people with whom you have a family or personal relationship.

Note: A customer account can use the link to make a maximum of ten (10) referrals.

How do I know if my friend/family member has accepted my referral?

TELUS will not notify recommending customers of the progress, acceptance or refusal of their referral. Please communicate directly with your friend or family member to determine the status of the referral.

In the table that tracks my referrals in my Espace client, why is there a referral that doesn’t list the name of the person it was sent to?

For privacy reasons, the information of the friend or family member who completed the form that you shared is not disclosed.

What address will the referral bonus go to?

The referral bonus will be mailed to the billing address registered to the account. If you are expecting a referral bonus, please allow six to eight weeks after the date on which the services are installed at the home of the referee.

These services are available where technology permits. To check service availability, go to:

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