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TELUS Wi-Fi Hub installation guide
Actiontec T3200M wireless modem-router installation guide
Optik Network Terminal installation guide (with fiber connector)
Optik Network Terminal installation guide (without fiber connector)
4K HDR PVR installation guide
4K wireless digital box installation guide
HD wireless digital box installation guide
SmartHome cameras installation guide



What you need for the digital box installation

In order to install your own wireless digital box with a self-install kit, you need to be an existing OPTIK TV customer with an available HDMI input on your TV.

You can have a maximum of 6 digital boxes in your home (including the PVR).

If you do not have an HDMI input on your TV you can use component audio and video cables instead (not included in the self-install kit). These can be purchased at electronic stores for approximately $15.

  • Components: Cable with three wires that separates the colours for improved image quality
  • Composite and RCA stereo cables: The most standard basic cables. The yellow wire carries the video signal and the red and white wires carry the stereo audio (for TVs with standard definition only)
  • RCA stereo cable: Cable with a red wire and white wire that carry the stereo audio

You should already have a TELUS Internet modem already installed in your home, which may be one of the following models (see sticker on device):

  • Actiontec V1000H
  • Actiontec V2000H
  • Actiontec T1200H
  • Actiontec T2200H
  • Actiontec T3200M

OPTIK TV troubleshooting

If you are receiving an error message or experiencing issues during set-up:

  • Reboot your wireless digital box by holding down the power button for 10 seconds, then try repeating the instructions
  • When pairing your wireless digital box with your wireless access point or T3200M modem, confirm that you have held the pairing button on the access point or modem for at least 10 seconds (then let go)
  • Confirm that the wireless digital box is connected to the back of your TV using the HDMI cable provided and that you have selected the corresponding HDMI input on your TV using your TV manufacturer’s remote. You should have at least 4 bars appearing in the green Wi-Fi indicator light on the front of the wireless digital box after set-up. If you do not have a sufficient connection, try moving the box closer to your TELUS Internet modem
  • If you have a wireless access point either in your kit or at home, confirm it is connected to the TELUS Internet modem using an Ethernet cable. It should also be connected to power, and the switch on the back should be in the AP position
  • If you are prompted to enter an activation code during set-up (not normally required), you can find this code at the top of your order confirmation email (Subject line: Confirmation of changes to your TELUS account)
  • If you would like to pair your OPTIK TV remote with your TV to control power and volume, please visit Program your remote for instructions

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