4 TELUS Critters - An owl and a yellow macaw stand at the front, with a flying hummingbird and a pink cockatoo at the back.

At TELUS, we rock!

The best TV entertainment and the fastest Internet technology1: at TELUS, our customers enjoy all that and more; you can too.

Advantages that set us apart

TELUS Critter - Colourful hummingbird flying

Unlimited home Internet data

Why settle for little? Unlimited data is included in all our plans.
TELUS Critter - Macaw flocking its wings

Best TV Entertainment

And catch it all even on the move with the TELUS TV+ app2.
4 TELUS Critters - An owl, a yellow macaw, a hummingbird and a pink cockatoo are displayed on the screens of a computer monitor, a SmartHome Security panel, a Smartphone and a laptop.

Bundle and save

Reap in the savings by bundling your home and mobile services.
A lion cub stares reassuringly at you. In front of her is a TELUS SmartHome Security bundle.

SmartHome Security

Enjoy peace of mind knowing what you hold dear is safe.
TELUS Critter - Purple butterfly flying

TELUS Privilege

Our rewards program3 gives you privileged access to an entire range of discounts, gifts and surprises throughout the year.
Enjoy over 15,000 hours of entertainment on your computer, tablet or Smartphone with ICI TOU.TV


Subscription included for all our customers (a value of $7.99 per month)4.

Why choose TELUS

Community giving

We give where we live

We've given over $1.5 billion to communities here, ensure all Canadians have access to the benefits of connectivity, and aim to become zero waste and nature-positive by 2030.
An image showing three TELUS employees giving back by helping clean the neighbourhood.