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Easily access hundreds of titles we've chosen to help educate you, challenge you and inspire you to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Watch On Demand on Optik TV menu Healthy Living or on channel 346.

Shows to enhance your life

Are you ready for a better you? Check out our inspirational must-see health shows about fitness, wellness, healthy eating and so much more.

It's viewing you can feel good about

Inspiring content for a healthier life

Learn more about how to access hundreds of engaging titles all in one place, On Demand.

Curated library

Our curated library of Health & Wellness content lets you choose shows about Fitness, Healthy Mind, Women's Health and much more.

Tons of free content

Take advantage of tons of free shows, or check out our documentaries and series available to rent or Own on Optik. Fresh new titles are added regularly.

Available On Demand

Select the On Demand button on your Remote and choose Healthy Living in the menu, or channel 346 in the guide.

Get going on good health

Feel good with the Healthy Living NetworkTM. Whether you want to do a Yoga class in your living room or get healthy smoothie inspiration in the kitchen or something else, you can pick the show that’s right for you, right on Optik TV.

Already got Optik TV?

Select the On Demand button on your Remote, or channel 346 in the guide, and navigate to Healthy Living in the menu.


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