Netflix on Optik TV

How to launch, access or exit Netflix on Optik TV plus data usage tips

Launching Netflix on Optik TV

To launch Netflix:

  • Press the apps/interactive button on your remote control and select Netflix
  • Tune to channel 422 and select OK

Accessing Netflix

A Netflix account is required to access the app.

  • Existing Netflix subscribers: Launch the app and enter your Netflix credentials to begin
  • New to Netflix: You may sign up for Netflix by visiting, or
  • Launch the app on Optik TV and sign up directly from your TV screen

Exiting Netflix

To exit the Netflix app without signing out:

Press the back or back/exit button, navigate to Exit Netflix and press OK. This will return you to the channel you were previously watching.

To exit and sign out of Netflix:

When in the Netflix app and browsing through the Netflix library, press the back or back/exit button on your remote, then select the gear icon. Navigate to sign out and press OK.

Watching Netflix in 4K and HDR

Transform your Netflix viewing experience with the extraordinary intensity of 4K with over 600 hours of 4K content. To watch in 4K and/or HDR, you’ll need to:

A Netflix Premium subscription is available as part of our new Optik TV packaging, and you can sign up through you My TELUS account. If you already have a Netflix subscription, you can check or change your plan at

Data consumption when using Netflix

When using Netflix, video quality directly affects data usage. Standard Definition (SD) uses about 1 GB per hour; High Definition (HD) about 3 GB per hour.; 4K uses about 7 GB per hour.

Adjusting the data usage settings within your Netflix account is the easiest way to control the amount of data used while watching Netflix. Data usage settings may only be changed from a computer, and will apply to all devices currently attached to your Netflix account.

Be aware of two factors:

  • Netflix has an Auto setting. If selected, Netflix will deliver the optimal quality setting based on the speed of your Internet connection. So if you have a very fast connection, Netflix will deliver a higher quality signal
  • If you upgrade your Internet speed, your data usage may increase. This is because the faster speed allows for a higher quality image, which in turn consumes more data

Manually selecting video quality and data consumption

To reduce data consumption, select a lower quality video image for casual or background viewing, and save the high-resolution settings for when quality matters most.

Learn how to manage your Internet usage.

Setting Parental Controls (maturity levels)

You can control which profiles have access to certain maturity levels of Netflix content. Parental control settings may only be changed from a computer, and will apply to all devices currently attached to your Netflix account. You can configure parental controls at the Netflix website.

Setting language preference

Setting your Netflix language preference for Optik TV can only be done on a computer, and on the Netflix website.

Once you sign back into Netflix on Optik TV, the newly-selected language preference will appear.

Note: the language preference for Netflix is independent of the language that has been selected for your digital box.

Subtitles and alternate audio tracks

To enable subtitles (or to select a different audio track) while watching Netflix, press the down arrow button on your Optik TV remote. Then select “audio/subtitles” and press “enter” when you have chosen the desired audio or subtitles.

Troubleshooting Netflix

  1. If you are having trouble opening and playing back Netflix programming, exit and re-enter the app and retry your title.
  2. If this fails to resolve the issue, try rebooting the Digital box on which Netflix is failing to start.
  3. If the problem persists, please contact us.

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