Data access and blocking for mobile devices

Learn about automatic data blocks, notifications and pay-per-use data options

Data access toggle feature

Data access toggle allows you to disable and enable access to data on any device anytime you want. Once the current billing cycle ends access to data is enabled for everyone on the account allowing data usage to continue.

Note that photo and video messages will continue work while access to data is disabled.

You can use the data access toggle to enable or disable data for your device by logging in to My TELUS and selecting the Usage tab.If you don’t have My TELUS you can register for one.

Monthly data block feature

If you would like to block all data usage, with the exception of picture and video messages, a $2 data block add-on per device is available. It blocks all mobile data while letting multimedia messages through.

To add the data block feature for any device on your account, visit My TELUS and follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Usage tab
  2. Select Change plan and add-ons
  3. Select Optional add-ons
  4. Under Other optional add-ons, select Data Block - ongoing
  5. Select Next and confirm your add-on selection

Note: Outside of Canada, all data, including multimedia messages, will be blocked as it’s not possible to filter data on roaming partner networks.

Customized data block settings for your account

Using My TELUS , you can decide when you want to be notified about your account’s data usage and have pay-per-use data blocked to prevent additional data charges.

To view or customize your settings, visit My TELUS and and follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Usage tab
  2. Select Data manager
  3. Go to Notifications & Blocks
  4. Go to Additional data charges
  5. To customize settings for additional data charges when in Canada, select edit under Canadian Data Charges and select the thresholds of additional data charges that you want to be notified at.
  6. To customize settings for additional roaming data charges while traveling, select edit under Roaming Data Charges and the select the thresholds of additional roaming data charges that you want to be notified at.
  • If you are authorized and wish to unblock data for all device users on the account, you can continue with one of the options:
    * Reply Yes to the free text message
    * Click on the redirect link in your internet browser
    * Continue data usage by accepting additional charges in Data Manager ( My TELUS is still accessible while you are blocked and you will not be charged for data usage when using My TELUS )
    * Contact us by dialling *611 from your TELUS mobile phone
  • If you are not authorized to unblock data, please contact your account owner
  • The account owner can decide which users are authorized to unblock data by logging into My TELUS and going to:
    * Usage
    * Data Manager
    * Under Notifications and Blocks, go to “ability to unblock” and edit the settings for each user.

Important: Unblocking data in response to a data block notification will unblock data usage for all users on the account and not just your own device. If you do not want certain devices using data, you can use the data access toggle feature in My TELUS to turn off data for these devices.

For more information on how these data blocks work with data usage notifications, view the support article: Data usage notifications for mobile devices

Data blocking for devices connected to mobile hotspots

If a block on additional data charges (e.g., $50) is ever reached while a device is connected to a mobile hotspot or Wi-Fi connection, the device that is connected to the mobile hotspot or Wi-Fi network will be notified in their internet browser.

If the device that is supplying the mobile hotspot or Wi-Fi connection is authorized to unblock data, then the devices connected to it will also be allowed to unblock data from the internet browser.

To remove the ability to unblock data from devices that are connected to your mobile hotspot or Wi-Fi network, you must remove the ability to unblock data from your device by using Data Manager in My TELUS. For more information on these settings, refer to Customized data block settings for your account in this article.

Blocking data directly on the device

The option to block mobile data is available directly on most devices.

This setting may reset after a major software update or a device reset, at which point it's a good idea to double-check the settings.

Note: Multimedia Messaging Service, i.e. picture and video messages, require mobile data to work and won’t work over Wi-Fi ( because it’s an international mobile standard). On Wi-Fi, you can still use applications like WhatsApp, Hangouts or email to exchange pictures and videos.

Additional information on data blocks

  • If you are using a tablet or mobile Internet key, you will be notified in your internet browser
  • If your account reaches enough additional data charges to automatically block pay-per-use data, the block will be automatically removed at the start of the next monthly bill cycle. If you’re using a feature phone or smartphone, you will be notified with a free text message when this happens.
  • For your protection, data usage on the account will be blocked when the account reaches $500 of additional data charges. You must contact us by dialling *611 to unblock your data and accept additional charges
  • Data blocks do not interfere or have any effect on data consumption via Wi-Fi. If you receive a block and then connect via Wi-Fi to a Wi-Fi network the data you consume will be from that Wi-Fi connection.

Opting out of data blocks

You can manage your data notifications in TELUS My TELUS under Data Manager or contact us by dialling *611 from your TELUS mobile phone.

Note: By removing data blocks you will not be notified about any additional data charges you may incur if the data included in your monthly plan is ever exceeded.

Further help

Having trouble with automatic data blocking? Contact us or dial *611 from your TELUS mobile phone.

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